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Luxury ocean cruising is in the midst of unprecedented growth.  There are number of reason our clients love luxury ocean cruises. It is a relatively easy, no hassle way to vacation.  You pack and unpack one time and your accommodations and amenities travel with you.  It’s relaxing, fun and the service is terrific-it’s hard to find anywhere where you are pampered the way you are on a luxury ocean cruise.  There is a lot to do including shows, excursions, dining, dancing, art exhibits, lectures, classes, fitness, spa and the list goes on and on-you can do it all or you can take a rain check and just relax.  You can cover a large geographic area on a luxury ocean cruise or zero in on a specific area.  Most of our clients have found it is a great place to socialize, meet folks and even create long and enduring friendships.  Luxury ocean cruises are terrific learning experiences-new geographies, cultures, foods and much more.  Cruises are very safe and a great value for you travel dollar. Luxury ocean cruises feature some of the most exquisite ships, spectacular amenities, exotic travel itineraries, world-class service, and high-end cuisine.

We assist our clients in zeroing in on the size of luxury ocean cruise vessel and the luxury cruise ship line since those are two of the most important factors you’ll need when choosing a cruise to suit your lifestyle and vacationing preferences. Luxury cruise ships come in all sizes:

  • Yacht and sailing luxury cruise ships often carry 50 to 200 passengers
  • Small luxury cruise ships typically have a passenger load of 200 to 300 passengers
  • Mid-size luxury cruise ships typically have carry 300 to 700 passengers
  • Large cruise ships have luxury offerings and can carry a passenger load from 700 to 5400 passengers.
Regent Seven Seas

Seven Seas Mariner at Moorea Island, South Pacific

Luxury cruise ship size is perhaps the largest consideration in determining the number of passengers you’ll share the ship with, the amount of activities and amenities offered on-board, the overall ambiance of the ship and the level of luxury available.

Typically big ships have more features and amenities and cost less to cruise on; while smaller ships tend to offer an intimate, close-knit ambiance at a higher price. There is a trade off – smaller vessels can’t accommodate amenities like Broadway-style shows, multiple dining venues, expansive kids’ programs and endless lounges and bars. Expect instead destination-driven itineraries with enrichment programs and hosted excursions.

Here just a just a few of things to consider when matching what is best suited for your luxury ocean cruise:

  • Luxury ocean cruise vessels and luxury ocean cruise lines vary greatly. Some ocean luxury cruises are priced ala carte (pay-per-service-as-you-go) and others are all Inclusive (fare includes air, shore excursion, cruise, beverages, transfers, Wi-Fi, gratuities and sometimes pre and post land programs). An all-inclusive luxury ocean cruise line offering does not necessarily mean that your vacation cost will be more when you consider that ala carte pricing and add-ons.  Let us help you with the math and you’ll discover that the cost of a luxury voyage is, in many cases, equal to or less than most other cruise vacations.
  • Amenities and services differ greatly.
  • Itineraries and port destinations vary significantly.
  • Shore excursion guides and tours- are they intimate, authentic, enriching and engaging or unwieldy in size and contrived?
  • Dining experiences and cuisine vary tremendously from one luxury ocean cruise line to the next.
  • On-board activities on luxury ocean cruise lines such as live entertainment, socializing, fitness centers and spa centers, culinary demonstrations and wine tastings, games, swimming, sunbathing, movies, youth centers and teen lounges, Wi-Fi and much more require consideration to insure your travel needs are met.
  • Deposit and insurance considerations.
  • Pre or Post Cruise travel considerations.
Crystal Cruises

Crystal Cruises Symphony in Panama Canal

Contact us today, we work with the top luxury ocean cruise and can recommend the best itineraries for your travel needs and objectives and can assist in selecting a ship that matches what you are looking for.  We assist in determining what’s included and what isn’t and what’s available and what’s not.  As experts, we offer you knowledge and first-hand experience, but just as importantly, you will enjoy our exclusive offers and the satisfaction of getting the best value for your luxury cruise vacation.