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For over two years, our ability to travel internationally has been impacted and curtailed because of Covid-19. Restrictions and requirements varied in every country, and changes have been frequent.

Recent changes have relaxed requirements in many countries. Just last month, travel restrictions to Canada and Japan have been lifted. It is now possible for most (but not all) travelers to openly cross the borders with our neighbors to the north and south.

Fully vaccinated travelers have the greatest choice in destinations – 40% more countries allow vaccinated travelers to enter without testing. Some destinations continue to require testing, whether vaccinated or not, and a few require a mandatory quarantine. Travel to American Samoa, Mainland China, and Ukraine is restricted to returning citizens.


We can’t yet say that “Covid is over.” The new normal may always involve the risk of exposure to illness. However, the testing and vaccination requirements are steadily being reduced at this time.

One important thing to consider, regardless of the requirements of the country that you wish to visit, is what is required upon your return to the USA. Requirements may differ based on your mode of transportation – air, marine, land – and citizenship. At present, non-US citizens must have proof of vaccination to enter the US.

This information is limited to people traveling from the US. It can change daily, and it’s important to know what the restrictions are for the countries that you want to visit, when you plan to travel, your vaccination status, testing and quarantine requirements, mode of travel, length of travel, etc. Detailed information is available from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention:

A convenient, easy to use map version of current information is available from Sherpa: