Yes it’s Safe to Travel to Israel!

But don’t take our word for it, read on… Is it safe to travel to Israel? There are currently 3,500,000 tourists a year to this small country of 8.3 million inhabitants that seem to think so! This [...]

The Value of an On-Site tour

I’ve gained great value from doing on-site familiarization tours.  A familiarization tour is a complete and comprehensive tour of a property.  It provides tremendous value for our clients because [...]

Right Sizing Your Luxury Cruise

It is important to know what type of cruiser you are before planning a luxury cruise. Knowing the type of amenities you are looking for greatly impacts your cruising experience.   It will also [...]

World Travel and Making Friends

I started my career in the travel industry for a major airline and there was one thing you could count on…making friends and making friends fast!   As a flight attendant there is a diverse group [...]