Travel with Friends - Real de Catorce Mexico

Real de Catorce, Mexico

Group travel refers to travel with a group arranged by an outside company or organization or travel with a group of friends and family that you have organized yourself. Some groups are small, private and escorted, while others large.  Group travel include groups that travel together like youth and student groups, sports teams, family reunions, affinity groups and clubs, special needs groups and church and religious groups as well as groups of like-minded travelers that travel in a group organized for a mode of travel, destination or activity for example a luxury ocean cruise to Alaska featuring Alaska cuisine, culture and inlet cove kayaking.

The Ranch at Rock Creek

The Ranch at Rock Creek

There are many benefits to group travel; it is cost effective due to shared expenses and group discounts, there is companionship and the opportunity to meet new people and many chances to socialize, there are opportunities for special group tour guides and service priorities, and it often makes planning travel easier and safer when traveling in numbers rather than when traveling alone.

Group travel does pose some challenges in terms of privacy and itinerary flexibility, but for many, it provides an optimal way to experience luxury ocean and river cruises and land destinations around the world. Group size is important and will vary depending on where and how you’re travelling. We provide you with options making sure you are comfortable with the nature and size of your group.

Londolozi South Africa group trip

Londolozi, South Africa

World Travel Agency and our host agency, Andavo Travel frequently arrange, host and sponsor groups for luxury cruises which greatly enhance your luxury cruise experience. As host, we make sure every aspect of your cruise goes perfectly.  In addition to hosting groups, we are able to connect you with group travel opportunities to your preferred destinations anywhere in the world.  When working with us you receive knowledge, clarity, advice, creativity and advocacy which you do not experience booking online.  We enjoy sharing our group travel experiences, but offer much more through our affiliation with the Virtuoso travel network.  Through this global network of top-notch travel suppliers, we provide expertise and connections that provide more value for your group travel budget and many times additional discounts, amenities, upgrades and offers that you simply won’t get on your own. Contact us today to plan your next getaway!