AmaCello in Melk, Austria

Ocean cruising is experiencing unprecedented growth.  With less fanfare, the luxury river cruise industry is undergoing a similar transformation. The luxury river cruise experience is more destination-based than an ocean cruise.  Passengers spend more time off the ship, exploring port towns and river villages with intermittent bus or train excursions, instead of sitting on-board.  With vessels that are generally smaller, luxury river cruises provide more intimate tour and ship experiences due to the smaller passenger load and excursion group sizes. This intimacy easily lends itself to meeting others, socializing and forging new and often life-long friendships.  It is a great experience for those that are wary of open waters or simply appreciate leisurely views of breathtaking countryside, animals and birds while sitting on the top deck of a luxury river cruise ship sailing down the river with land almost always in view.  Just a flight of stairs or elevator to the deck you’ll find stylish and well-designed accommodations, restaurants, bars, lounges, internet access and comfortable staterooms and on some vessels fitness facilities, spas and other amenities.

River cruise line

Viking Bestla

Our luxury cruise clients delight in cruising exotic rivers like the Chobe (Africa), the Ayeyarwady (Myanmar) or the Mekong (Vietnam and Cambodia) and luxury European River Cruises on the Rhine, Main, Danube, Mosul, Seine, Garonne, Dordogne, Douro and many more.  The luxury river cruise lines are expanding to more exotic and interesting parts of the globe every year.

However, no two luxury river cruises or luxury river cruise lines are the same and there is a dizzying array of details to consider when booking a luxury river cruise. This is an area where we can be extraordinarily helpful in providing you with information and expertise to insure your luxury river cruise meets your dreams, needs, desires and budget.

Here just a just a few of things to consider when matching what is best suited for your luxury river cruise:

  • Amenities and services differ from one luxury river cruise vessel and line to the next.
  • Shore excursion guides and tours vary- it is important to know if they intimate, authentic, enriching or contrived?
  • While overall excellent, dining experiences and cuisine vary from one luxury river cruise to another.
  • On-board activities and amenities on luxury river cruise lines require consideration to insure your travel needs are met.
  • There are deposit and insurance considerations.
  • There are pre or post luxury river cruise opportunities to explore.

Uniworld River Baroness in Paris France

World Travel Agency works with the top luxury river cruise lines and can recommend the best itineraries for your travel needs and objectives and can assist in selecting a ship that matches what you are looking for.  We assist in determining what’s included and what isn’t and what’s available and what’s not.  As experts, we offer you knowledge and first-hand experience, but just as importantly, you will enjoy our exclusive offers and the satisfaction of getting the best value for your luxury river cruise vacation.  We collaborate with our clients to insure genuine and authentic life-enhancing luxury cruise experiences that will last a life-time.