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Private jet for traveling celebrities

We dedicate time and resources to the high net worth and celebrity travel market. We understand the need for privacy, security, autonomy and confidentiality in this highly demanding travel market segment.  As members of the Virtuoso Luxury Travel Network we work with “on-site” expert travel providers that live and serve ultra-high-end travel destinations and have firsthand knowledge and long-standing relationships with all aspects of travel to these exclusive and reclusive resorts and accommodations. Through these incredible connections we provide customized itineraries with VIP treatment and “insider” access for travel destinations all over the world.

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The Ranch at Rock Creek

Cheryl worked at the City Ticket Office at the Beverly Hills Hilton for United Airlines for four years serving patrons there including celebrities and high net worth individuals.  We work closely with advice-givers including personal assistants, agents, investment bankers and other advisors.  Whether booking travel and accommodations at the finest resorts and villas in the world, chartering private jets, renting yachts, or arranging secure and confidential ground transfers we know your client has unique needs and desires.  Because of that, our agency will not be right for everyone.

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We listen carefully to needs of your client in the vetting process to insure we are a good fit for them and they are a good fit for us.  This type of travel requires precise execution, responsiveness and flawless performance under pressures, demands, whims and time constraints. We encourage honest discussion and are willing to do what it takes to please our client, including preview travel, personally road testing aspects of trips and traveling with our client when it is needed.

We work best with travelers that enjoy their celebrity and affluence, do not want to flaunt it and insist upon good value, privacy and security.  We adhere to the strictest of confidences and do not divulge names or details of travel of any of our clients, consequently we do not provide references or testimonials in this travel category and appreciate business that is discretely referred to us.