Mission Statement

World Travel Agency, LLC is committed to providing unequaled value to our clients in traveling well and realizing their dreams.  We passionately collaborate with our clients in transitioning ideas to creating and evaluating options and ultimately making travel easier and more fun.  We are dedicated to carefully helping our clients organize and plan their travel, always doing our utmost to provide 100% customer satisfaction.

Value Statement

Given our commitment to provide unparalleled experience and value to our clients we remain focused on the maintaining very high standards for service quality.  We strive to provide quick, decisive and responsive service.  To be honest and forthright in communicating with our clients and suppliers and to handle our affairs with uncompromising honesty and integrity.  We pledge to diligently explore options and to be attentive and inquisitive in understanding our client’s travel needs and goals.  We want to insure that our clients have as much fun planning travel as they do when traveling.