I know the first time we encountered the word Babymoon when doing an onsite familiarity tour at a property in Mexico, Cheryl and I looked at each other and said, “What is a babymoon?”  While the word has several connotations, when used in the travel industry it refers to a relaxing and romantic vacation or getaway taken by parents-to-be before their baby is born.  How sensible and what a great idea-why didn’t we know about that when our first child was born?

Babymooners on beachBabymoon vacations and getaways are one of the most popular trends in travel today with good reason.  This for many is the last chance for some real intimate, alone time with their mate before the long sleep-interrupted nights begin.  Many couples stay close to home while others plan a quick child-free getaway, the last opportunity for a romantic time together.   Babymoons are designed for optimum pampering and luxury.

We can assist greatly in finding and collaborating on the perfect babymoon vacation or getaway destination so you can relax and reconnect as a couple before entering or re-entering parenthood.  We also provide practical assistance and tips that insure the trip is safe and enjoyable. Here are a few things to consider when baby-mooning:

  • Typically the second trimester if the best time to babymoon and the most comfortable time to travel, but before you book check with your doctor, especially regarding air travel. If you are flying to your destination or cruising, make sure there are no airline or cruise line restrictions.  And if cruising, make sure there will be a health provider on board. Your safety and comfort are the most important consideration here.
  • Agree on a babymoon destination you both can enjoy and consider a destination where the travel time to get there is minimized.
  • Check out any required vaccinations and destination medical facilities.
  • If driving to your babymoon destination make sure you consult your physician on the proper wearing of your seatbelt.
  • Whether driving, cruising, or flying to your babymoon destination move around and keep your blood flow going strong.