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Viking River Cruise 2015

Our new friends, the Tatelman’s and Pierannunzi’s on Viking River Cruise 2015

I started my career in the travel industry for a major airline and there was one thing you could count on…making friends and making friends fast!   As a flight attendant there is a diverse group of people flowing in and out of your life on a daily basis.  Your life becomes an open book. Transparency is a generally noted characteristic amongst flight attendants as you are wearing your heart on your sleeve and bonding quickly with people you may never see again or only in passing.   If nothing else you develop great listening skills and have great connections throughout the world.

When a travel advisor goes through the process of preparing clients for a luxury cruise; they can never prepare them for the bonuses of the friendships that are forged.   Luxury cruising, especially luxury river cruising, provides a more intimate sailing experience due to the smaller passenger loads which provide the perfect environment for making friends. The intimacy of smaller ships easily lends itself to meeting others, socializing and forging new and often life-long friendships.

I find that luxury cruising, like flying, offers many opportunities to connect with others. That’s the stuff friendship are made of.  People connecting with people!  You’ll find that the world gets smaller as your base of friends grows around the globe.  Here’s to friendship!

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